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mumbai to pune daily transport services

When it comes to daily transport services from Mumbai to Pune, the journey should be as seamless as possible. Our dedicated transport company specializes in providing efficient and reliable transport solutions, catering to a variety of needs. Whether you’re moving household goods, transport vehicle, shipping electrical items, or transporting commercial cargo, we have you covered. Let’s delve into the details of our diverse mumbai to pune transport services and why choosing us is the right decision.

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Contact number of Mumbai to Pune transport service

Branch For Booking
Mumbai +91 8793584664
Pune +91 7720924690

Part Load transport charges Mumbai to Pune

Goods Type Transport Charges
Personal belongings ₹ 65/kg – ₹ 75/kg
Office Goods ₹ 15/kg – ₹ 22/kg
Commercial Goods ₹ 9/kg – ₹ 15/kg
Household Goods ₹ 55/kg – ₹ 85/kg
Furniture goods ₹ 8/kg – ₹ 15/kg
Electrical goods ₹ 75/kg – ₹ 195/kg

Note : Packing,door pickup & door delivery charges excluded from above charges

Mumbai to Pune goods transport charges

Vehicle Type Charges
Bolero Pickup ₹ 5,500 – ₹ 8,500
Tata Ace ₹ 4,000 – ₹ 7,000
Tata 407 ₹ 9,200 – ₹ 11,400
14 feet ₹ 11,000 – ₹ 14,200

Mumbai to Pune Courier charges

Weight Express Economy
3 Kg ₹ 100 – 150 ₹ 100 – 200
5 Kg ₹ 150 – 250 ₹ 200 – 300
25 Kg ₹ 700 – 950 ₹ 650 – 750
50 Kg ₹ 1,100 – 1,450 ₹ 950 – 1,250

Movers Packers transport charges from Mumbai to Pune

Moving Type Packing Charges Transport Charge 
1 RK Rs 2,500 – 3,500 Rs. 6,500 – 8,500
1 BHK Rs 3,800 – 5,000 Rs. 8,200 – 10,500
2/3 BHK Rs 6,500 – 7,500 Rs. 11,500 – 15,500
4 BHK Rs 9,500 – 12,500 Rs. 14,500 – 25,900

Mumbai to Pune truck Rental charges

Truck Type Wheel Total charges
16 Ton Truck 10 Wheel Rs 19,500- 25,000
Eicher 19ft 6 Wheel Rs 11,500- 15,500
32 feet multi-axle 10 Wheel Rs 25,500- 35,500
32 feet – 7 Ton 6 Wheel Rs 20,500- 30,500

Mumbai to Pune bike transport Charges

Bike Type Charges
125cc To 150cc ₹ 2,000 – ₹ 2,800
150cc To 200cc ₹ 3,200 – ₹ 3,800
200 cc To 350 cc ₹ 3,500 – ₹ 4,500
350cc To Above ₹ 4,000 – ₹ 7,000

Mumbai to Pune Car Transport Charges

Car Type Door/Door Charges Total Charges
Small Car Rs 2,000 – 3,000 Rs. 5,500 – 6,800
Mini car Rs 3,500 – 4,000 Rs. 7,500 – 9,500
SUV Car Rs 5,000 – 6,000 Rs. 10,500 – 15,500
Large Car Rs 5,000 – 15,000 Rs. 15,500 – 22,000

Daily transport timing from Mumbai to Pune

Service Type Timing Charges
Commercial Transport 07:00 PM Rs. 2,000 – 30,500
Furniture and Household 04:00 PM Rs. 2,500 – 40,500
Road Carrier 09:00 PM Rs. 5,500 – 25,000
Bike/Car Transport 09:00 AM Rs. 2,200 – 7,500

transport charges from mumbai to pune

Why Choose Us?

Some of the main reasons why Right India Movers is counted among the best transport companies in Mumbai are given, by reading them you can know why you should choose us as a transport service provider from Mumbai to Pune.

1. Comprehensive Services:

Our range of services is extensive, covering everything from part load transport to bike transport, household goods, electrical goods, commercial goods, furniture, trucks, and tempo rentals. We ensure that we have a tailored solution for every customer’s unique transportation needs from mumbai to pune.

2. Branches in Key Locations:

With branches strategically located in both Mumbai and Pune, we possess the capability to handle consignments of all sizes. Whether it’s a sizable commercial shipment or a small move, our well-established network allows us to meet deadlines with precision and reliability.

3. Punctuality and Reliability:

Time is of the essence in transportation. We prioritize punctuality and reliability, ensuring your goods are delivered on time, every time. Our commitment to timely delivery sets us apart and instills confidence in our customers.

4. Safety and Security:

The safety of your goods is our prime concern. We employ industry-best practices to handle and transport items, whether fragile household goods, valuable electrical items, or commercial cargo. Rest assured, your belongings are in safe hands during transportation from mumbai to pune.

Our Services in Detail:

Below is a detailed description of the services we provide from Mumbai to Pune.

Part Load Transport Services from mumbai to pune:

We understand that not every shipment requires a full load. Our part load services allow for flexible and cost-effective transportation for smaller quantities, optimizing your transport expenses when you transport your goods from mumbai to pune.

Bike Transport Services from mumbai to pune:

transportating your motorcycle? Our specialized bike transport services from mumbai to pune ensure safe transit, so your prized possession arrives in Pune or Mumbai in pristine condition.

Household Goods Transport Services from mumbai to pune:

Moving homes? Trust our experienced team to handle your household goods with care and precision, ensuring a smooth transition to your new location in Pune.

Electrical Goods Transport Services from mumbai to pune:

Electrical items are delicate and valuable. Our dedicated electrical goods transport services ensure that your electronics and appliances reach their destination intact and functional.

Commercial Goods Transport Services from mumbai to pune:

Businesses rely on efficient supply chains. Our commercial goods transport services provide a reliable and prompt solution for transporting products and materials vital for your business operations.

Furniture Transport Services from mumbai to pune:

Whether it’s a single piece or an entire household of furniture, we take care of the packing, handling, and transportation, making your move stress-free.

Tempo Rental Services from mumbai to pune:

Need a compact vehicle for transport? Our tempo rental services offer flexible rental options, providing an affordable solution for smaller cargo needs.

Frequently Asked Questions - (FAQ)

For transport your bike from Mumbai to Pune, choose our bike bike packing & moving services. mumbai to pune two-wheeler relocation charges is start from Rs 2,500  to Rs. 6,000. Cost is depend on bike model , pickup & drop destination, Weight, etc.

Transit time can vary based on the type of transport service chosen and prevailing traffic conditions. On average, goods can reach Pune from Mumbai within 24 to 48 hours, but this can be confirmed during the booking process.

Booking our services is simple and convenient. You can reach out to us via phone, email, or our website to initiate the booking process. Our team will guide you through the necessary steps and requirements for booking.

We provide daily goods transport and logistics services from Mumbai to Pune, including part load transport, full load transport, bike and car transport, luggage transport, and household goods transport.

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