FAQ-Packers and Movers India

What is the duty of packers and movers?

Packers & Movers Duties: Committed to packing and moving safely to your home or workplace. Safe dismantle and secure assembly of all your wood products. Packing in a strong box (2*2ft) for your clothes, utensils, and small household items and guarantees you a stress-free transfer.

What will movers not take?

Right India Movers has put together a list of things that are dangerous that cannot moved and will also be refused to be packed.
1. Liquid
2. Cash
3. Jewellery
4. Alcohol
5. Fireworks
6. Meat
7. Gasoline
8. Banned Goods
9. weapons
10. Paint and theaners

Do mover and packer pack everything?

Mover & Packer pack all your household goods like electrical items, wooden items, marble items, clothes, utensils, bikes, glass items etc. all household and office related items in a proper and modern way.

What is the difference between the packing and moving charges?

1.Packing charges are for moving your goods to the designated location and then unpacking and putting the goods back into their original boxes. The charges will depend on the type of goods you are moving and how much you are moving. For example, if you are moving an entire home or office, then the packing charges will be more.
2Moving charges are for moving your goods from the location to your destination. It will depend on the distance and the number of items you are moving. The charges are also dependent on the number of days the moving company has to move your goods.

How can I find out how much I should pay for the packing and moving services?

You can find out how much you should pay for the packing and moving services by talking to the moving company or visiting the website of the moving company. You can also contact the customer service department of the moving company to find out how much you should pay for the packing and moving services.
If you are moving a large amount of goods, then it is best to ask the moving company for a written quotation.2.1.3You can also use the internet to compare the prices of the moving companies. You can visit the websites of the moving companies and compare the prices.

How to Get a Reliable Packing and Moving Company?

We can offer a 24-hour emergency service, that is an absolute necessity when it comes to packing and moving your possessions. In case of a break down or a situation that is out of your control, we can provide a professional assistance in order to ensure your safety and the safe transportation of your belongings.

What is the Average Cost of Moving?

The average cost of moving can vary from location to location and even from country to country. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from RS800 to RS1500 for packing and moving your belongings. The cost depends on the number of rooms and the number of items you are moving.

How Can I Get an Insurance for My Packing and Moving?

You can buy an insurance for your belongings. You can buy an insurance from a reputable insurance company. The insurance can cover any damage to your belongings. It can also cover the costs of your belongings, such as the furniture and your appliances.

How Can I Reduce the Cost of Moving?

There are many things you can do to reduce the cost of moving. You can use a self-moving company instead of hiring professional movers.

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