cheapest movers and packers from pune to kolkata updated charges 2024

Hire Cheapest Movers and Packers From Pune to Kolkata

We have a team of experienced and trained drivers and packers movers who are well-versed with the transport routes from Pune to Kolkata to safely shift all types of your goods like household goods, commercial goods, four-wheelers, bikes, pets, etc.

If you are viewing this post in 2024 then you can avail our special offer if you visit our Pune branch.

Packers and Movers Pune to Kolkata Contact Number

BranchAddressContact Number
PuneOffice No 05, Near Prime Residency, Borahdewasti Moshi 412105+91 7720924690
KolkataHimalaya Plaza , Dankuni, Kolkata 712311+91 9572724004
Head OfficeGurgaon , Haryana 127201+91 7898984004

Types of services provided by Movers and Packers From Pune to Kolkata

household shifting services from pune to kolkata

Household Shifting Services From Pune to Kolkata

Get the most effective Movers and Packers from Pune to Kolkata location for home shifting from Pune to Kolkata. Get pleasure from the delay-free relocation of your product by dependable, certified, & knowledgeable professionals to induce your Pune to Kolkata transport service wiped out in a relaxing manner. From your fancy piece of furniture to fashionable home appliances, Right India Movers are extra cautious about manoeuvring all of your belongings without any delays.

Approximate Household Packing and Shifting charges from Pune to Kolkata

Shifting SizePacking Material ChargesShifting Charges
Complete Home 8,500 – 15,000 12,000 – 40,000
1 BHK House 3,500 – 5,000 6,500 – 15,000
2 BHK House 6,500 – 9,500 10,500 – 25,000
3/4 BHK House 10,000 – 25,500 25,000 – 65,000
Complete Home + Vehicle 15,000 – 40,000 30,000 – 85,000
Note: Labour charges and Govt. taxes are Extra from Above Charges.

Local and Domestic Shifting Services From Pune to Kolkata

Whether you wish to relocate, we reply to your service request for native and domestic shifting. Luggage transport from Pune to Kolkata makes sure you supply well-trained Movers and Packers from Pune to Kolkata who can go an additional mile to satisfy all the shifting wants of clients. Right from packing, loading, unloading, & unpacking of movables, you would get trained people to relocate to India.

household goods shifting service from pune to kolkata
office relocation services from pune to kolkata

Office/Corporate Relocation Services From Pune to Kolkata

Specialists perform the shifting method of your valuable workplace instrumentation at affordable movers and packers charges from Pune to Kolkata by Right India Movers Pune to Kolkata logistics. All the company products must be handled discreetly by a trustworthy workplace luggage transport from Pune to Kolkata. You will save your time & cash by obtaining on-demand Packers and movers from Pune to Kolkata. Get pleasure from the leisure of relocating your workplace with ultimate satisfaction.

Office Shifting Charges from Pune to Kolkata

Shifting SizePacking Material ChargesShifting Charges
Standred Office 50 chair₹ 20,500 – 50,500₹ 15,200 – 1,15,000
few items₹ 4,500 – 15,200₹ 8,000 – 25,000
Complete office 150 chair₹ 12,500 – 18,500₹ 65,500 – 1,75,000
Normal Office 10 chair₹ 5,000 – 32,000₹ 7,500 – 45,300

Luggage transport Services from Pune to Kolkata

Shifting your excellent Luggage won’t cause you to worry any longer. Skilled movers in Pune do it to Kolkata, like Right India Movers luggage transport from Pune. They are there to do this task. Merely relinquish your luggage for long-distance moves to acknowledge Pune to Kolkata Movers & track the whole movement right on your device. Right India Movers Pune to Kolkata goods transport can take all safety measures to move your vehicle to the specified location while not inflicting any punctual rush.

luggage transport services from pune to kolkata

Luggage shifting charges from Pune to Kolkata

Luggage typePacking ChargesShifting Charges
Carton box200/- per boxRs 55/KG – Rs 95/KG
Loose items800 – 1500Rs 40/KG – Rs 120/KG
Personal items1050 – 3500Rs 85/KG – Rs 120/KG
Office Goods2100 – 4000Rs 20/KG – Rs 90/KG
bike transport services from pune to kolkata

Save Money once Hiring high Pune to Kolkata Bike transport services

Efficient packing and loading of motorbikes aren’t any doubt one all the first aspects of Pune to Kolkata Bike transport services. You’ll begin to think about another issue of grave importance besides packing the bike for the hassle-free shifting method.

Have you given up, and are it useless to consider a possible answer? Well, it’s hiring the best suppliers of Pune to Kolkata Bike transport services for the damage-free transportation of the bike with no harm. In any bike packers and movers company from Pune to Kolkata, the accredited drivers must shift the motorcycle safely.

Cost of transporting Bike from Pune to Kolkata

Bike TypePacking ChargesShifting Charges
100 cc to 150 cc₹ 800 – 2000₹ 6500 – 8150
150cc to 350cc₹ 1500 – 4000₹ 7,500 – 10500
350cc to 500cc₹ 2000 – 7,000₹ 8350 – 14500
above from 500cc₹ 5000 – 25000₹ 10840 – 65500

Car transportation cost from Pune to Kolkata

Car TypeShifting Charges
Hatchback Cars₹ 17,200 – 25,400
Sedan Cars₹ 22,500 – 35,800
SUV Cars₹ 30,000 – 55,200
Premium Cars₹ 45000 – 75000

Pune to Kolkata truck rental & transport cost

Mahindra Pickup1.5 TON₹ 55000 – 70000
14 feet truck4 Ton₹ 75000 – 85000
19 Feet truck6 Ton₹ 80000 – 105000
20/22 feet truck10 ton₹ 95000 – 125000
32 feet Container12 ton₹ 115000 – 145000
32 feet Multi Axle Container15 ton₹ 125000 – 165000

Why use RIM Goods carrier services From Pune to Kolkata

  1. Pune to Kolkata transport shifting service can offer you the best and most reliable quotes from our team
  2. Our associated team members are practised and skillful
  3. Pune to Kolkata House transport service may assist you with relocation allied services
  4. luggage carrier service from Pune to Kolkata can keep your personal details safe and secure
  5. We can use your personal info to method to process your request solely
  6. We have been in this business for several years
  7. Pune to Kolkata Household courier service has our online platform
  8. We help you to transport the car from Pune to any place in Kolkata

Why Choose Right India Movers Pune to Kolkata Movers and Packers?

Packers and Movers in Pune
  • Shifting could be nerve-wracking expertise if it’s not planned at the correct time. Within the hustle & bustle of making ready your product for relocation from Pune to Kolkata, you would like certified Movers and Packers to shift all movables while not delays, damages, & inconvenience.
  • luggage courier services provide unique moving solutions with these exclusive perks with RIM Pune to Kolkata.
  • Our on-demand Pune to Kolkata Packers is invariably on duty for each regular and emergency move. Whether you’re in a hurry or simply coming up with your future action, Packers and movers from Pune to Kolkata is prepared to supply you with the most effective moving solutions at budget-friendly rates.
  • Opt for Pune to Kolkata Packers movers and obtain the entire package for packing, loading, transportation Pune to Kolkata, moving from Pune to Kolkata unloading, & unpacking of products with free quotations.
  • With a live location following the facility, our customers get pleasure from one-click access to the precise location of their consignments right from the pick-up to the ultimate delivery address.
  • No worries concerning peak valuation and reschedules when booking confirmation. Avail of cheap shifting services with confirmed arrival of packers movers Pune to Kolkata charges.
  • Get cost estimates before booking our Pune to Kolkata transport and any place in Kolkata
  • Pick any interval that suits your convenience on the ultimate moving day and prepare for superb shifting expertise.
  • Experience 24/7 client support with direct consultation from our moving specialists. Pune to Kolkata transport services is available with day-and-night consumer help that is often there to resolve your queries.
  • Budget-friendly costs
  • 100% safety of movables
  • Trained & reliable professionals packers and movers Pune to Kolkata
  • Live location facility available to track your shipping Pune to Kolkata

Some Secrets Of Stress-Free Moving from Pune to Kolkata With Right India Movers Pune to Kolkata transport service

Moving Company From Pune to Kolkata

Keep your eyes on your movables:- Even though the provided RIm Pune to Kolkata transport service is reliable & the best within the business, you want to keep a watch on every item to be affected. To avoid losing any of your belongings, you’ll take photos of products before getting them loaded within the truck.

Avoid overloading:- Pune to Kolkata transport service:- Overloading & over-stuffing of products can cause unnecessary hassles & risks of damage or scratches. Avoid the observation of overfilling boxes full of your belongings because it might cause serious injury to your valuables throughout packing, loading, unloading, & even unpacking of your packages.

Get essential things packed at the primary hand:- No matter what, all of your significant movables should be packed suitably at the primary hand. Little may pack little things lightly, but a bulky product like a piece of furniture transported from Pune to Kolkata, appliances, vehicles & alternative valuables may take an extended hour to be adequately packed at your home.

Handle with care:- Some things like fragile ornamental things, pieces of furniture, glassware, crockeries Etc. Demand additional care while packing & moving transport from Pune to Kolkata. Therefore, transporting luggage from Pune to Kolkata is involved potential damages that occur while handling these hand-picked products.

Remove unwanted stuff:- Adding unnecessary things along with your movables won’t solely add additional charges to your transport luggage from Pune to Kolkata budget; however, it conjointly causes an unsought nuisance to you & shifting professionals. It’s higher to eliminate unwanted stuff to induce your property to be affected at a minimum budget & zero hassles.

Do not panic:- In the presence of trained Packers movers from Pune to Kolkata, you’ll keep free from the troubles of shifting. Let specialists provided to you at RIM Pune to Kolkata parcel service do their job & sit back to induce shifting done at the correct rates and with no delays & damages.

Packers and Movers Pune to Kolkata

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